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Now you can SOAR with the Healing Codes and Halo technology combined!

“The HALO System is a perfect fit with The Healing Codes. The Healing Codes

work on the spiritual issues of the heart only. Very often, when those heal the physical gets better.

But The Healing Codes does not, and has not ever, treated physical health issues.

This new invention only addresses the physical and is more effective than anything I’ve ever seen.” Dr. Alex Loyd

When you order a Halo from this link below let me know

and  I will gift you two

Personal Custom Guided Code sessions with me which

we can schedule at your convenience.


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HEALING Codes Circles Live!


Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner

Experience the power of the Healing Codes in a safe, loving environment from the comfort and privacy of your own home, as we “meet” together via phone …

Live and twice a month!

The Healing Codes Circles are posted on the right side of this site each month.

  • Enjoy and experience the Healing Codes Circles LIVE guided by JoHanna twice a month.
  • This Streaming Custom Guided Code with JoHanna and the  group will greatly enhance the Healing Code Experience.
  •  Benefit from the synergy of everyone working together to help us all heal our issues.
  •  The Group Code you get can be used for other issues that come up during the week, as well as the issue you originally sought help for.

There are occasional complimentary calls for those who have never attended or would like to bring a friend for the first time. Contact JoHanna by clicking on the link below and filling out the form on that page. She’ll get in touch with you about the date of the next complimentary call.

Contact JoHanna if you want to attend one of these complimentary calls. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom of the page to register for the regular twice monthly calls.


The next big frontier…Energy Medicine…

“We’re beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure,” he says. “As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier … in medicine is energy medicine. It’s not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It’s not the chemistry of our body. It’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.” ~ Dr. Mehmet Oz


“Life is not about becoming a “better you,” but discovering God’s principles that release the “True You,”.    ~ Dr. Caroline Leaf  – ‘The Gift in You’

What I believe the Healing Codes do is find and heal those “gift blockers” as Caroline calls them and help release the “Real You’ and all you are created for with purpose and potential to excel in your life.


What is a Healing Codes Circle?

A Healing Codes Circle is a meeting via phone in which participants bring the issues they want healed and experience the power of a group Healing Code to address these issues together.* You will never have to share any personal details that you don’t want to–even including your last name. All you need to say is how strong the issue bothers you (0-10 rating), and the main emotional element of the issue. JoHanna will get a group Code that addresses all the issues together, and then lead us through actually doing the Code together in the Streaming Guided Code fashion. The collective power of doing the codes together increases the effectiveness of the Code exponentially. The Code that you will get will be powerful for your issues throughout the week as well.

What do I need to know before attending a Healing Codes Circle?

If you don’t already have The Healing Codes, you will need to learn the simple hand positions that are used. These will be provided after you become a member of the Healing Codes Circle. You will receive a document with all you need to know to get the most out of the Healing Codes Circle sessions.

When does the Healing Codes Circle meet, and for how long?


Each month we will hold two Healing Codes Circles Live  usually on  the second and fourth Thursdays. The sessions will start at 8:30pm Eastern (5:30pm Pacific) and last approximately an hour. You can always check the calendar (to the right) to see when the calls will take place and, of course, as soon as you register you will receive an e-mail alert with the time, date, and number to dial for the next call.

If you subscribe you will save!  Subscribe now for $45.00 per month.

OR – Try one month at a time for $49. 

* Don’t have a PayPal account? If you are subscribing to The Healing Codes Circles, you must have a PayPal account.  Please don’t worry about setting up an account.  PayPal is very secure!

BUT if you see an’Buy Now’ button or an ‘Add to Cart’ button you can buy with your credit card through PayPal without setting up an account!  The only time you need a PayPal account is if you are subscribing.

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“My husband and I try never to miss an opportunity to be on a Healing Codes Circle call, because we find them to be very powerful. Usually my issue is resolved within a day or two.  Almost always, everyone on the call feels a significant reduction on the ‘charge’ of their issue during the call. Try it–you’ll like it!” –Diane