Beth Ann

Beth Ann
January 2, 2018 Creative Bytes

Four of the 482 Reasons I Love JoHanna Chan and her Amazing Healing Circles

Even before I participated in one of JoHanna’s Healing Circles, I was knocked out by her incredible ability to reverse the aging process. When I first met her in Nashville in October of 2009, she looked like she was in her late 30s-mid 40s. Now, here she was, just ten months later, with a new photo on her website. And she looked like she was in her 20s or early 30s…at most. Not only that, she looked even softer and sweeter and more peaceful than she did before. I suspected she wasn’t the Botox/nip/tuck type, but I had to check. She didn’t go for any that stuff, she gracefully told me, volunteering that she did color her hair to cover a few grays and to restore its original shade.

She was so kind and forthcoming that I got the nerve to ask how old she actually was. Get this: She said she was about to turn 60! She added that people had been telling her how young she looked for about seven years–the same length of time that she had been doing the Healing Codes. I love it when positive inner change is beautifully reflected in tangible, outer circumstances. It makes me even more of a believer. I believed in the power of the Codes before I met JoHanna. Her comments helped me to increase that faith–and gave me even more reasons to do the Codes every single day.

JoHanna’s Healing Circles are an E-Ticket ride in the energy medicine universe. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got on the phone for my first Healing Circle. But I was astounded when I felt the energy moving in my body so intensely while we did the Code . When we finished the Code, nobody wanted to speak. JoHanna had to fill the silence. The experience was so overwhelmingly wonderful that I just felt stunned. I had no words for what had happened and still have very few. About a week later, I realized a result that had to have come from my experience in the Circle. In that week, I was suddenly able to stop consuming sugar and do so without the usual struggles. For example, I went to a party and was not tempted in the slightest by brownies from a world-class cook. I went to the supermarket without getting all wistful as I strolled by the creme brulees. And now, I’m shocked to be warming to the idea of being a person who’s simply not interested in Belgian waffles….or even, dare I say it…chocolate.

JoHanna is clearly one of the sweetest, most compassionate people on the planet. She can convey unconditional love in just a word or two. To hear her tell a beleaguered caller “I’m sorry” is an experience in and of itself. She is a major role model for me.

JoHanna has generously made her services phenomenally affordable. Indeed, the quality and value of her work seems inversely proportionate to its cost. Frankly, before the call, I wasn’t too crazy about doing the Healing Codes on the telephone with a sizable group of people. I mistakenly thought that the work would somehow be diluted. Instead, it felt more miraculous than ever. And this first call was complimentary. Plus, the regular session calls are so inexpensive they are almost free. Thank you, JoHanna, for the many, many gifts of your Healing Circles! I can hardly wait to fly with you again!