Advanced Healing Codes Journey

Advanced Healing Codes Journey with Streaming Codes

A 12-week journey through the 12 Categories of the Healing Codes.

Experience the Advanced Healing Codes journey together with me using your customized STREAMING CODES for each category.

Advanced Healing codes

Each week we will address one category, create a custom code for the issues in that category for you to use to heal those during that week.

I will guide you in the exploration of what the issues might be and find any early memories if needed, hidden memories or generational issues as well as other possible blocks to healing the issues in that category.

When you choose the “Advanced Healing Codes Journey”  you will experience healing the issues of your life each week in a gentle yet powerful way.  Meeting together with me,  addressing each Category of your life brings confidence and peace and knowledge that you are maximizing the use of the Healing Codes.  Recognizing the core issues to address speeds up the process of healing for most and you will receive guidance to do just that, each week in this program.

We will meet each week for 12 weeks in a row.

Package includes:

  • 12 Streaming Codes
  • 12 Codes to Go, all personally customized to you
  • your unique heart issues over a period of 12 weeks in a row.
  • Your choice of Trilogy or Healing Codes


All for only $840.00

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