January 2, 2018 Creative Bytes

JOHANNA IS MOST WONDERFUL AND AMAZING !!! I have been doing healing codes for four years now. Most of those years were with the PRECIOUS ,ENLIGHTENED JOHANNA .
I am deeply grateful for Dr. Loyd and the healing codes. I started with the book in the last year of my mother’s life.

As I watched my mom get sicker, the relief I felt from the pain due to the healing codes motivated me to do something deeper so I purchased the package that assigns a coach to you and was blessed with an angel to guide me… JOHANNA! She immediately sent me her love frequency that I played in my moms room on her deathbed. Everyone that came to visit left on a high note even though it was a sad time. I was able to function clearly with her guidance, wisdom, and custom codes throughout the whole ordeal. I then ordered packages from her for personal live streaming sessions. She always answers my questions quickly, intuitively, wisely and lovingly. Her guidance along with her prayers and of course the healing codes healed paralyzing depression , anxiety and gut wrenching feelings that come about when there is a death of a parent. I ‘d say I jumped back into society relatively quickly with actual days of joy even though I just suffered through one of the hardest deaths of my life. I could be wound up so tense with body aches and pains and headaches and my meetings with Johanna would bring me back to balance to peace and joy, almost immediately. She has also helped me with hormonal issues through the use of the healing codes. I actually laugh which doesn’t seem like much until you realize you haven’t had a really good laugh in a long time and how good it feels!

I can go on and on about how doing the healing codes with JoHanna has changed my life ….literally!

When I don’t meet with her personally, I usually join one of her tele seminars that takes us through all the categories. Because we are with groups of people and their energy as well while being guided by the intuitive loving presence of JoHanna , the healing feels very powerful and deep as well. I also appreciate that she records sessions. There is a lot to be said about having the recordings in her beautiful, supportive ,calming, peaceful and loving voice! Her mesmerizing, loving voice immediately calms me down and brings me to a peaceful, meditative like state ….Her words during the prayer is honey to my soul!

In all reality, words are inadequate to describe what having Dr. Loyd’s healing codes and The Greatest Principal , coupled with JoHanna’s guidance and love, profoundly and positively affect my life! It is a direct connection to my Maker that I cannot live without!