Annet Huyper

Annet Huyper
January 2, 2018 Creative Bytes

I choose Johanna because I listened to her at The Cutting Edge. I found her a loving laser in her diagnosis and very professional. There was a warm relationship between her in California and me in Holland. The sessions were the introduction to my training as healing code practitioner.

It was as if she gave me steppingstones to “the Field”. Every time I used a new custom I cried and felt a deep release.

  •  I healed from a lifelong fear, programmed in my DNA and I found freedom in body and soul, unknown before.
  • My headaches/migraine that I had for 40 years diminished till almost zero.
  • via a custom code for my family, I could be of help with the wellbeing of my daughter and husband
  •  I realized in body soul and spirit that God is only love and money is becoming a friend.