January 2, 2018 Creative Bytes

I’m 35. A year ago I was losing fight with my disease– Multiple sclerosis. For the last 15 years I was trying to live a normal life. I got married, gave birth to three children. I thought I was happy but I was very stressed and scared of the future since I felt the disease is developing. Whole year before last Christmas I couldn’t manage my fear. I was scared of doctors of drugs and everything that could happen to me. When it got really bad physically with my body, I finally got to the hospital.

When I got back home I thought it’s the end of the world. I was scared as I was before or more and I couldn’t sleep because of the side effects of the medicine they gave me. I was looking at my children and was crying that I can’t give them what other mothers can. I can’t walk with them, because I have disabled legs and I can’t play with them because I’m scared and my thoughts are occupied by fear.
After second day of not sleeping I started to read “The healing code” book, which I got from my mother in law 5 months earlier. There wasn’t any proper time for the book before. I can imagine that I wouldn’t get so much from it as I got that December 2014. That was the perfect time! I can’t say that I started reading it because I actually didn’t. I felt so bad and my brain was so tired (active disease + lack of sleep), that I sad: give me the codes! I found the page with the pictures and read a note at the cover of the book, that you need 6 minutes to treat yourself.

I divided 6 minutes by 4 positions and started the coding. Each position for a minute and a half.

After three days I woke up after whole night sleep completely relaxed and calm. I didn’t remember me feeling that good before. After another two weeks when I was observing my children playing underneath the Christmas tree I started to feel something amazing. I was looking at my children and was seeing them with pure love. My heart and spirit was so calm. They looked the same, they played the same way they do but I saw them completely different. For me they looked like angles completely filled and illuminating with love. Absolutely innocent. It was a deep feeling hard to describe with words. Than I realized that they were always that way. My heart cured I started to see things the way they really were.
My oldest, 8year old son, after those two weeks told me: Mommy, you’re healthy! He didn’t care that I don’t walk. I guess my disability was a problem only for me, not for my children.

I stopped fighting with my body. I have a faith that everything is the way it should be.

I am a perfect mom. I have wonderful children, husband, family and life 🙂

My life changed completely. Starting with the December 2014 I gradually, with the help of healing codes, started learning what life is all about. It’s all wonderful and perfect even though I had to manage during the year some more health issues. With a peace and love in my heart it was not hard at all. Thank you God for the Love you are filling me with. Thank you that I can share this Love with others.