Annika Constantin

Annika Constantin
January 2, 2018 Creative Bytes

It’s been almost exactly 2 and a half years today since JoHanna started working with me. I had found the Healing Codes a little bit prior to that when I had been given “The Healing Code” book by a friend. When I read the book, I couldn’t believe it! Something in my heart responded and just ‘knew’. I felt in my heart that if this is not the answer to my prayers, if this doesn’t help, nothing can.

Little did I know (or did I?) that I was about to embark on such a beautiful journey of healing. I came to JoHanna feeling depressed, suicidal and hopeless. I still remember when I had my first session with JoHanna and as we kept on working together, I felt nothing but unconditional love from her towards me.

It did truly take a while for me, but JoHanna has always patiently and gently guided me in the most perfect manner. I cannot recount the many times she told me things exactly as I needed them at the time and how they opened up worlds to me that I had only dared to dream about before.

Each session with her has been so valuable and like balm to my soul. They are addicting, so beware!  😉

My life truly has turned around. I feel a sense of purpose and love and hope that I know now I always longed for so much my entire life, but didn’t feel was possible due to my many heart issues.
Today, I feel like a new person, more like my true self, and that my heart is safe… Now, I can feel that God seeks me more than I could ever seek Him, and that I am safe in the hands of God.

Now, even today not all of my issues have entirely resolved, but that’s okay. I take it as a wonderful journey of growth and truth and love that I’ll feel thrilled about for the rest of my life.
I am filled with infinite gratitude for JoHanna Chan and her amazing heart. For sharing her gift of love from God with the world. YOU are the best!