January 2, 2018 Creative Bytes

A friend shared with me the release of The Healing Code. After reading it three times, I started doing The Universal Code and took the Heart Issues Finder. Both were helpful but I felt that I needed more. I really didn’t know where to start until my friend told me about JoHanna’s website.

I sent JoHanna an email and signed up for four coaching sessions. During my first coaching session, I asked about depression that was almost immobilizing despite my having every reason in the world to be happy–I had just married my perfect match and soul mate.

After just two days of doing my personalized codes, I was able to wake up in the morning without the first thought going through my head of “I hate myself.” That dreadful thought just melted away. Then, in just a couple more days, I started waking up without dread of the day ahead of me. Then, less than a week later, my first thoughts of the morning were of grateful anticipation of the day ahead.

All of this happened for me in less than two weeks. I feel like I have been given a chance of having a life. As I write this, I can only tell you how overwhelmingly grateful I feel. Some of the physical changes I have noticed is a loss for the desire of red wine and a desire to hydrate with clean, fresh water. I also find my self evaluating whether an action is good for me or if it is about seeking approval from others. It is now easier to set healthful boundaries. I am now starting the use of personalized codes after my second personal coaching session. I welcome the progress that is certain to come my way. I feel that I have gotten my life back. I thank God for JoHanna and The Healing Codes.

Love to all,
I hope others can benefit from my experience.