Special 12-Day QUICK START Program: The Best Way to Heal Your Issues Quickly

Choose from 3 options below from Standard to Quick Start with Streaming


This unique 12-day program will really get you on your Healing Codes path by taking you through all the categories of possible physical and emotional issues. This special program includes:

  • 12 personal custom codes, one for each of the Twelve Categories of The Healing Codes (explained in The Healing Code book and The Healing Codes Manual). By covering ALL the issues, you ensure your deepest, fastest, most complete healing.
  • 3 personal coding sessions to develop custom codes for your issues in each category. In the first session, you will get all 12 Codes as mentioned above. The second session we’ll check your progress and answer questions that may have come up as you’ve worked with Codes. In the third session we’ll go over where you go from there.

OPTION 1:  All of the above is included for a one-time fee of only $170!

 Deluxe Quick Start: Get the new book, The Healing Code, along with your package!

For only $9 more  you can get the  best-selling book, The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Any Health, Success or Relationship Issue by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson. This book contains much of the information that is in the Healing Codes package PLUS a lot that is not! The book will make your 12 days Quick Start more complete by helping you understand how the Codes work and how your 12 personal Custom Codes relate to the Twelve Categories. You also get the situational stress reliever called Instant Impact, which is described nowhere else.   So get this now with your Quick Start Deluxe package.

 Option 2: You pay only $180.00 for your 12 Day Quick Start Program PLUS The Healing Code Book.


  Personal Coding + The Healing Code Book

You may also get a copy of The Healing Code book with 1 personal Coding session for only $74.95


Option #3.  THE NEW! Quick Start with Streaming Codes!!

This new program is the Quick Start where we address all 12 categories in 12 days but enhanced greatly  with Streaming Custom Codes for YOU.

We will meet for  3 sessions ( 1 per week) where we will create Streaming Codes to address the categories for that week  and then recordings of me leading you through those categories will

be sent to you so all you have to do  is listen and follow me. (I actually make 5 streaming code recordings for you)


  • Streaming Custom Codes for you addressing all 12 categories that are recorded and sent to you
  • Materials to help you throughout your exploration and discovery each day
  • Unlimited email communications throughout as needed for you

Since this is a brand new program, it has an introductory price of only $190.00.  This price will increase at some point so get it now.