Walk With Me – 123

Walk with Me 1,2,3

Allow me to “Walk with YOU” heart to heart as we do a Custom Healing Code for your issue together.   Experience the healing  power of the Code live with me. Let me hold your heart with mine as I  walk you through the Code.

We will develop the Code and then I will “Walk with You” , guiding you through each step, reminding you to focus on love, breath and relaxing through the Code so you can have the ultimate experience with me right there.  Let me hold you  heart to heart as we heal the issues of your heart together.

We will do this twice a month and then finish the month off with a Group Healing Code in our Live Healing Codes Circle.  So we will meet 1, 2, 3 times!!

2 personal Walk with Me sessions and 1 Healing Codes Circle $97.00

Subscribe: $90.00 billed monthly

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Here’s what will happen:

Week 1 walk with me
Week 2  Walk with me
Week 3 Healing Codes Circle with group

Join me and let’s Walk Together!