Truth and Love’s Presence Teleseminar Series

 Monthly Streaming Code Tele-seminar series

“Truth and Love’s Presence” 

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Read what those who have participated experienced

The  Special Streaming Codes Tele-seminar series are so wonderful and I have been asked to continue to do them, which of course I am thrilled to do for you. This Series of Streaming Code Tele-seminars are now  called  “Truth and Love’s Presence”, because that is what we all seem to be experiencing as we join together and create this amazing Synergy of love while doing the Streaming Healing Codes together . Here are some comments from those that have attended the Tele-seminars:

Testimonials from our Truth and Love’s Presence Tele-seminar

My “Truth and Love’s Presence” downloads are truly a VALUABLE part of my DAILY LIFE——-for many issues. I KNOW —beyond a doubt——that the quality of my life (and those I release healing to) is constantly improving—–because of this healing technology.  There are countless times that I have come to the end of my day feeling discouraged and stressed——listen to JoHanna’s soothing voice—-do the codes with her——-sleep in peace and wake up—ready for another day———I thank Jesus for Alex and JoHanna and pray regularly for God to bless them and their loved one’s.  Jackie

Thanks to TRUST I made it through my first shift. Everyone seemed to be happy to see me back at work, even my “enemy”..the troubled guy who use to hate me on the job and didn’t speak to me one time for 6 months (while working together several times a week) was nice to me.  He is now my captain. I know it was TRUST because I trusted I would know how to greet him warmly and congratulate him on his promotion to captain. I greeted him this way and he loved it and we stayed in communication and happy all through the shift. He even helped me remember a few things I had forgotten out of kindness and asked my advice about something. Only because I trusted did I make it through the shift at all.” Taylor

I don’t even quite know how to explain what Teleseminar has  been doing for me.  Just within the first week of our first call, I could tell that major things were shifting quickly..  It was like putting on a jet pack.  I’ve been doing all the codes from the call just about every day since then and things just continue to move and shift.  The result is that I’ve been experiencing such delightful surprises and such joy in my life!  And not only are the codes JoHanna finds incredibly powerful and effective, she’s also obviously tuned into the Divine, Universe, God, Source…you can feel it in her prayers and presentation.  She leads the circles with ease, love, and power.  You feel loved, comfortable, hopeful, and ready for change.  And change is there, believe me. I’ve also been attending her bi-monthly Healing Circles.  It’s a lot of coding time with the Tele but I’m in a place in my life where I’m ready for change and man, what a combo!  I’ve been using the bi-monthly recordings for any specifics that come up during my everyday life as a kind of add-on to the Tele Codes and those daily issues just seem to melt away.  Sometimes even ones that have been stubborn in the past.   Already…just after this month…not even a month…of doing the Tele, something (well, fine, someone) so wonderful has manifested in my life (!!!!).  Which is something I’ve wanted and it just didn’t take before.  This feels different.  I’m excited and hopeful and at the same time, not attached to any particular outcome.  The experience of it is so much FUN and I’m enjoying loving this person to bits.  And I can feel other things bubbling underneath, just waiting for the perfect timing to present themselves.  But mostly.  Mostly and most importantly, I’m beginning to feel the strength, power, and connection of who I am.  Which means I can see it in everyone around me.  Which means that I’m coming from a place of peace, ease, joy and flow.  I’m experiencing the delight and joy of being in this life from moment to moment.  Regardless of outside circumstances.  Though they are improving daily as well.   I am so incredibly grateful to JoHanna for offering these calls and offering herself and all of her love.  She is truly an amazing, beautiful human being and a master at what she does.  If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it.  Join these circles.  Do the calls with her.  Consistently.  And then sit back and feel and watch the changes within yourself and your life.  “ With so much love,  LR

Dearest Johanna !….this am i was late getting to your recording and arrive @ the beginning of  Goodness …..tonight because of your grand gift and being able to re connect again from beginning …..the forgiveness DEEPLY melted my heart ….i feel more releasing than i ‘ve been able to experience since things turn out pretty ugly in my heart & mind …. your transmission of LOVE is SOOO REAL …again i DEEPLY FEEL the divine power in action …and having the recording handy allows me to feel hope and safety blanket of being able to experience grand peace and opening my heart again… instead of hell….YOU ARE such a GIFT for every soul on the planet and especially for the one like me who can get lost in darkness ….BLESS YOU FOREVER & EVER !!!! i feel enthusiasm knowing tomorrow i will be back with you !..I LOVE YOU JOHANNA !  D. I had a huge emotional release this morning on unforgiveness, just tears spurting everywhere, lol.  No particular memory, just generic release.  Excellent.  On the goodness section, I realized that deep, deep down in a tiny, dark place is the belief that I deserve to be punished for not being “perfect,” and so the health conditions I deal with (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, liver/gall bladder congestion) are my just & fitting punishment.  WOW!  I certainly had not been aware of that.  I am filtering these three issues through all 12 categories, as they are all of seemingly equal import in my consciousness.  And, of course, they’re all connected. Please, of course, include my name on the email list, and feel free to share anything with Dr. Loyd and whomever else you wish.  Much love and gratitude, Kyttie

When addressing Unhealthy Beliefs mine was “the future will be like the past” .  I don’t even remember what my early memory was now.  I did have one, but it really dissolved… I just don’t remember what it was!  Ha!  Taylor  

Thank you again for the blessing of being able to attend the teleseminar.  I continue to find more peace and strength for the many demands on my heart and life.   It is a journey for sure, learning and growing with the infusion of the codes.  Thank you!  XX Linda

When we addressed Goodness an early memory of mine came up when I was a child and a “bad little boy” having several habits that added up to that. Somewhere in the middle of the code I recognized my own inherent goodness and started crying..I cried really hard for several moments. I feel great now, quite peaceful, at home in my own goodness and I’m grateful for the codes and for you.  After five years of doing the Healing Codes I didn’t expect to have a session this deep and profound.(Taylor)

Good Morning, JoHanna, Again, thank you so much for your kindness and wise guidance. Today was very powerful for me. I broke into releasing tears a number of times during the codes. I had lots of memories related to each category and to my central issue(s). The one that was strongest today had to do with Trust and control. I kept saying to myself, “I don’t think I have much in the way of control issues.” Then as we did the codes the image (that I have attached) came to me. I realized that I strive and strive on my own to overcome certain issues in my life and often feel like I’ll never succeed to the degree I’d like. When this image came to me, the message was clear. My control issue is thinking I have to work on my issues alone, that no one can help me with them. I forget at the time that I have had so much help from God or a Higher Power and that I must remember that during each struggle, and that by turning within to my Higher Self, solutions will come to me in infinite ways. Recently so much understanding and help has been coming my way since working with the codes. The owner of one of the most beautiful inns and spas in this area had been contacting me repeatedly, asking me to come in to see her. I kept putting it off. When I finally went in, she asked me if I would be interested in being placed on their on call list to do massage and reflexology. The pay is generous and she was open to having me work there totally on my own terms. Totally! 🙂 Another example of the kinds of things that have been happening is that I casually picked up a book and opened it to a random page. The next moment I was weeping for it described exactly an issue I have that has been a continual obstacle in my life for reaching certain major goals. On the same page I read solutions for overcoming it that I’d never encountered before. . I have found several other extremely helpful exercises in the book since then. Those are only two of the wonderful gifts that my work with all of you and with my other recent and previous healing codes group is bringing me. Solutions, realizations, release from old negative patterns….the list goes on and on. The image I have included is the image that I will continue to hold to remind me constantly that I and all the rest of us are not alone. We have only to turn to Spirit and we are given more help that we can ever imagine. I look back through all the years of my life and clearly see that it has always been so. Blessings, Everyone! Catherine

Hi JoHanna, I had what I think are 2 significant shifts yesterday while doing codes, and I wanted to share them with you. First, I was experiencing some conscious conflict that was giving me difficult feelings and beliefs straight from the Kindness category:  rejection, abandonment, hurt, feeling neglected.  I did a memory finder and then did LT4 using the first part of the Kindness hand positions.  Both issues (past and present) went from 8 to 4.  After the code as I was sitting there absorbing the experience, I realized that all my negative feelings and beliefs in these 2 situations are my RESPONSES to how I was treated.   While anyone would agree that I had certainly been treated unkindly, without compassion, and in a way that rejected and abandoned me, I don’t think either of these people set out to hurt me.   At this point I felt that God said to me that I was perfect, pure, and true when I was born…that He made me that way.  He said that as a result of certain encounters with the world, I had gotten muddy and bruised.  But He said that I am still perfect, pure, and true and that He sees me that way even now.  That made me feel that I am capable of moving past the hurt…that there is hope.  Yahoo!!! Second, late last evening I was listening to the teleseminar recording and doing the three streaming codes.  Goodness was AMAZING!  I think the information you shared ahead of the code set me up to uncover a hurt I resigned myself to long ago and buried so deeply that I have never even considered working on it.  It had to do with a situation when I was young, maybe 11 or so,  I was overwhelmed with sadness for what I had done to hurt someone, and I recall crying and apologizing profusely…pleading for her to forgive me.  She would not say anything.  That was the end of it.  I was in such despair.  I felt lower than a slug and just wanted to crawl under a rock and be stepped on.  She never spoke of it again.  God opened that up during the code, and afterward I realized that I needed to be released from my her unforgiveness.  I also realized that I am unforgiving toward myself over that situation AND I am unforgiving toward myself even now whenever something bad happens in my life..  So, I plan to explore that more and will continue to do the teleseminar codes each day.  Should be very interesting the next time I do the Unforgiveness streaming code! Well, that’s it for now.  Thank you for facilitating this teleseminar.  I am stunned with how much it has helped me in only 3 days. A.

As I go back over and look at the 3 memories I had jotted down as you worked on the 3 different neighborhoods, I remember the events, but do not have the same strong feeling for them as I did yesterday before we did the session.  It’s hard for me to put a number on some memories, but I’m not coming up with very much at all for those 3 memories.   I’m so grateful to have chosen to participate in your Circle.  Thank you.  C.

The class was so powerful today. Thank you so much. I saw several connections regarding past memories that I’ve never seen before. There was one connection in particular that I have never even come close to realizing. I believe it will be conducive to drawing answers to a lot of questions about myself and a major obstacle I have had throughout my life. I now see that it is not at all mine alone but has been passed down to me by my mother and her side of the family. That alone should help me free myself from it again and again as I replace it with a healthier and more motivating pattern. You are amazing! Much Love, Catherine PS This may be shared.   Hi JoHanna, I am extremely happy that I enrolled . The first 3 categories were beyond ,what I had expected. Un-forgiveness was mind blowing. Never thought I would  release so much in such a short time. Before this morning ,I was in a healing response.Thought I would be over- whelmed , but it did not happen. Thanks. Love and  Blessings. Richard

JoHanna – I just felt that I must write to you to let you know the wonderful progress that I have noted in just the past two or three days. I was really getting bad with anxious feelings, thoughts and they were turning into compulsive behaviors. I was becoming wary of going to the grocery store, and other places due to the negative images and memories of anxiety attacks that occurred there.  I think I might have have on the verge of becoming agoraphobic.  The harder I tried to control these feeling, thoughts and images, it seemed the stronger they would become.  I know it was caused by trying NOT to have the negative sensations (which held them in mind – like trying NOT to think of a pink elephant), but, still, easier said than done. Without knowing it, I must have really been attacking myself unconsciously, with thoughts of being incapable, insecure, and so on because these thoughts, with strong accompanying feelings, were a part of my daily life. Well, on to the good part. Today, I had a doctor’s appt. to check on what could have been a somewhat serious condition.  NO anxiety driving to the office.  In the office, I had some, but I was able to rationally listen to my thoughts and deal with them. Previously, I would have gone “unconscious” repeating old “tapes” that have played over and over in my head.  (Medical situation turned out fine  – and I was even able to joke with the doctor!) I went shopping with my husband and not a trace of anxiety or sense of oppression – incredible! Also, this is very interesting (I think).  Since I had a traumatic incident happen over 10 years ago, an almost constant “broken record” of “I can’t” played over and over in my head.   When I would get stressed, this got louder and louder and I built up a resistance to it, which manifested in a hard physical resistance.  That, in turn, built up anger, frustration and ugh!  The list goes on! But, this evening, I noticed that even though there is a very subtle feeling of energy “popping” in me, when I listened, it was saying, “it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay”. Isn’t that incredible?  After only a few days? Anyway, please feel free to share this with Dr. Loyd or whomever.  I will gladly give a testimony for the Healing Codes.  It has worked for me when nothing else did. I always knew that it was Love that would heal me, but after such a long time, I didn’t know how to reconnect with the Eternal Love.   It never left me, but my awareness of it did and having to tools to “plug” back in just seemed out of reach for me when I was in such a dark place. I am so looking forward to Tuesday!  Thank you so much for your love, compassion and dedication to this invaluable work. Blessings, Sue

WHAT to EXPECT in this TELE?

We will have theTruth and Love’s Presence” Tele-seminars at  4pm pacific (6pm central, 7pm est) for 4 weeks  and if for some reason you are not able to attend live, no worries!  I am recording them all and so you will be able to participate when it is convenient for you. And that’s not all…  I now have the capability to broadcast this via the web So, when you register you will be given access to a web link to come in on the internet if you prefer. These Streaming Healing Codes Healing Circles are proving to be the most powerful way of delivering the Codes to you.  If you have not yet experienced it you will want to soon and be a part of creating this amazing Synergy as we heal issues of our hearts together. Everyone that attends or registers ( you do not have to be present  each week as you will be sent the recorded session after each session.) will receive the recorded session  as well as “Codes to Go” for each category or area of life addressed each week.  This means you can tap back into this amazing Synergy we will be creating on each call as you listen to the recording.  I will record the exploration  as one track and the the actual “Custom Guided Code” and or Heart Screen meditation  section of the call for you to replay when you choose . All you have to do is get comfortable, click play and follow me as I lead and guide you. We will be addressing 3 different categories each week from the 12 Categories of the Healing Codes  or the 12 categories of The Greatest Principle Reprogramming statements and you may choose to filter the categories through the thing bothering you the most right now.  I will help you do this giving you instructions each time and personal guidance if you choose even through email throughout the course together. All of this is only $197.00  ( over $400.00 value)  So that means you will receive 12 Custom Coding sessions and “Codes to Go“, a total of 24 codes for this low price plus recordings of each weeks meeting.

AND I have added a BONUS with the Tele which is:  A personal one on one Custom Guided Streaming Session for you with me to set up at your convenience.


Evening Session:  4: pm pacific/6 pm central/7pm eastern time:  (no Tele in April…stay tune for May)

So register now and secure your place with me at the “Truth and Love’s Presence”  Tele-seminar.   It will be my honor to meet you there.