Healing Codes Odyssey

“Healing Codes Odyssey”

NEW Tele-seminar Series

Part 1 and Part 2

Come take the journey and be amazed at the ease and simplicity of moving forward as you removed the blocks to your success, healing, relationships and more.

Do you suffer from overwhelm when realizing there are so many areas to address in your life and you even feel blocked from starting?

Join me in this Tele-seminar and discover how easy it can be as I take your hand and guide you all the way through.

Let’s get rid of those blocks together.

I will guide you in a thorough exploration and discovery of any and all issues of your life whether it be success, health, relationships with yourself, others or anything else as every memory resides in one or more of the 12 categories of the Healing Codes.

Part 1

Allow me to be your guide as we take the tour through all 12 categories of The Healing Codes which cover every area of your life.

Dates: July 14th, 21st, 28th, August 4th

Time: 11 am Pacific, 12 Noon Central, 1 pm Eastern

Part 2 

Then address the 10 Relationship Critical components which are key to healing all areas of your life as everything is about relationships.

Dates: August 11, 18th, and 25th

Time: 11 am Pacific, 12 Noon Central, 1 pm Eastern

Experience the exponential power of combining Healing Codes I and the New Healing Codes II in Custom Guided codes for each issue you choose to address and every aspect of that issue.

This is a NEW and exciting set of Tele-seminars using Healing Codes I and Healing Codes II combo codes “addressing all the issues of your life.

Take the guess work out of wondering how to heal whatever might be bothering you now as well as any known or unknown issues from the past, inherited generationally, absorbed or forgotten.

Experience the powerful effect of combining the Healing I and Healing Codes II  as we address the issues and programming in your life that are blocking you from living your full potential in every area and  unleashing your true identity and perfect YOU.

  • Part 1       The 12 Categories of The Healing Codes
  • Part 2        The 10 Relationship Critical Categories of the RIF

                 (Relationship Issue Finder is included FREE.

After we meet each week on Friday you will be prepared to dive into the journey each weekend and continue to make progress during your week as you simply listen to the recordings and re-engage in the process with me each day.

I will be helping you each step of the way and if you attend both part 1 and part 2 you will also receive a   personal one on one sessions with me where we develop your personal custom guided code to continue on the healing journey after our Tele is complete. (included only when you attend part 1 and part 2)

Working with Custom Guided Codes in a group is a powerful phenomenon that cannot be replicated by doing a Healing Code alone on your own and this amazing synergy together enhances the effect of the Healing Codes exponentially.

Meet with me for 4 or 7 weeks in a row and experience a breakthrough in stress reduction.

This is a powerful way to begin or enhance your Healing Codes journey.

These calls are recorded so if you are not able to attend live you will receive each week’s recordings of all the Custom Guided Codes done in the group, including the exploration and discovery guidance for each area.

If you would like you may also email me regarding what you are specifically working on during our course if you would like me to include this specifically in my own personal prayer and intention during the coding privately.

Part 1     4 weeks    $197.00


  • 12 recordings of exploration and discovery
  • 12 recorded Custom Guided codes per week

Buy Part 1 only (if you want both Parts, scroll down for bigger savings)


Part 2   3 weeks $197.00

  • Recording of Exploration and discovery each week
  • 10 Custom guided group codes  addressing the RIF (Relationship Issue Finder) critical categories

Buy Part 2 only (if you want both Parts, scroll down for bigger savings)



  • RIF free consult so you understand the results and diagnostic of the RIF for you.
  • The Heart screen meditation in the final week.  ( if you have not yet experienced a Heart Screen Meditation you don’t want to miss this)


Great savings and bonus when you do both Teleseminars.


It’s only $350  (A savings of $141.00 )

Buy Both and Save:

·    Personal one on one private session with recorded Custom Guided Code for you included($97.00 value)

I hope you come and join me in one or both of these new Tele -seminars and experience the powerful Healing Codes I/Healing Codes II combined codes.  

Many of you may have attended one of my Healing Circles and experienced a taste already but now come and enjoy a feast for 4-7 weeks.

You choose.

  It will be my honor to be your guide in this experience