August 2014 Specials

sun“Summer Savings for you for personal one on one sessions. Meet with me one on one this summer and take advantage of the Special Summer Savings for personal sessions. These include testing for hidden memories that may be keeping you “Stuck” as well as helping you explore and discover earlier memories that are connected to the issue you would like to address if you choose. We can schedule these close together or spread them out it’s up to you.

Here is a comment from someone on her personal session:

I wanted to write to express my gratitude on the last code you gave me based on my grandfather’s cellular memory at 4 years old. It has made a huge difference in my outlook and my life. 3 months ago I would have laughed at the idea of this.

Also the “downstream effect” or cumulative effect is amazing. It seems that when you heal the memory it changes the downstream “flow” of everything. Much like a river changing course over time but much faster.

The effects are just incredible, especially after everything I have tried in my life to correct these issues. And now its on “auto-pilot” so it’s like I don’t have to give any attention to it. Last night I tried to “re-feel” what that felt like and I couldn’t come up with barely anything. Just for a 7-10 days of effort. D..

3 Personal Sessions Special – $150.00 (regular $170)


5 personal sessions special $250.00 (regular $270.00)


8 personal sessions special $330.00 (regular $350.00)


These specials will be in effect August 1 – August 31