Trilogy Testimonials

Trilogy Testimonials
August 2, 2021 jose


  • Mr. Taylor
    I have been doing the Healing Codes since 2001, and they have made the biggest and best difference for me in terms of being comfortable in my own skin, and less reactive to events around me. With the advent of Trilogy, I find the peace I receive is even deeper.  The tapping at the beginning is fun and easy to do, and it more deeply readies me for JoHanna's profound custom  Healing Codes that follow. Ending with the stimulation of the body's energy centers continues to deepen the process. I'm so grateful for Trilogy!
  • Pam
    Yes since starting the Trilogy with the Healing Codes I did notice even quicker results with it, feeling more relaxed and peaceful. I have been doing the codes for 3 years now I believe, I love it!
  • Valerie
    Throughout the entire process of trilogy I was able to get a deeper understanding of pain and fear that I was harboring unconsciously. The trilogy sessions brought to light who I truly am and helped me let go of those limited beliefs. I still continue to practice trilogy, and I’ve noticed that tapping brings abundance into my life. Unexpected miracles happen daily now and I am so grateful to be in this mindset and heart space. I’m open and ready for what the universe has to offer. Thank you Johanna
  • David Paik MD
    Having used the basic healing codes for more than 5 years, I have found Trilogy to be a much more efficient method for healing heart issues and boosting energy.  With respect to heart issues, I can achieve similar results much faster.  Minute one (tapping) gets me into “the zone” almost immediately, and is a great set up for minute two (healing code), where the healing of my issues occur.  Then in minute three I can feel my energy system literally “open up” and seriously begin to flow, naturally and powerfully.  I love it and now use it every day!!